ABC's of Coding


Here at the ABC's of Coding, we make it our goal to provide high quality instruction in the world of STEM and technology, allowing anyone to create and build! Coding and the use of computers has become an ever-increasing part of our lives. The ability to interact, change, and understand how these devices work is becoming not just a hobby, but a necessity in our innovative world. We believe anyone can learn to code cutting-edge technologies, given time, patience, and practice. Join us today!


Aiden M


Aiden started learning coding when he was younger, and has enjoyed coding in various languages ever since.

Marm P

Executive Director of Instruction

Marm is a determined and diligent student who enjoys coding in Python and Java and works with Linux.

Sean L

Executive Director of Design

Sean loves to draw, paint, and design. He has spent 3 years taking various classes on graphic design and art.

Sophia M

Executive Director of Promotion

Sophia is an artist who has been drawing seriously for 2-3 years. She loves drawing in her free time.

Emily Y

Course Dev/Instructor

Emily is very dedicated and motivated, and has a strong passion for coding. She is eager to teach others.

Aditya K

Course Dev/Instructor

Pranav K

Course Dev/Instructor

Eric Z

Course Dev/Instructor

Nidhishwar R

Graphic Designer

Ella C

Graphic Designer

Chris L

Graphic Designer


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